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San Francisco


Portfolio of Allison V. Leach, a San Francisco User Experience Researcher and Strategist

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allison v. leach

UX Researcher + Strategist

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I am a curiosity-driven User Researcher who specializes in cloud-based experience design.

My philosophy of human-centered design thinking is highly inspired by creatives at IDEO and frog design.

As a San Francisco-based professional, I incorporate the innovative tech culture of the city into my practice and approach.

Over the past 5 years, my design research experience has covered web, desktop, mobile, and more.

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Allison is a very strong team player and has delivered valuable insight to the business on a number of occasions. I’ve attended her reviews of Fusion workflows and have seen the work she put into customer surveys and analysis.

She is hard working, attentive, knowledgeable, dependable and drives for results.

She’s also a pleasure to work with and very supportive of her peers and colleagues, both within her own organization as well as across the rest of the business.
— Steve Hooper, Director for Autodesk
Allison is an execution machine.

She quickly engages with stakeholders to spin up user studies that are carried out swiftly. Testing is thoughtfully executed, and results are shared out immediately. Stellar share-outs with consistent and visually appealing presentations. She tenaciously follows up on impacts from user studies.
— Charles Haughey, XD Manager for Autodesk
She’s been a one-person research workhorse for us.

I’ve been very impressed with the quality of her reports and the sheer number of studies she’s been able to facilitate in support of the team. 
— Todd Nicol, Senior XD Manager for Autodesk
Her early insights provided the framework we needed to really dig in and understand the problems we needed to solve for.
— Amy Knobbs, UX Manager for Autodesk
The feedback gathered from her studies have allowed us to make specific roadmap decisions and deliver product functionality that has helped us increase usage for our simulation tools.
— Mike Smell, Product Manager for Autodesk
Allison is a hard-working, creative professional who brings a lot to any table.

Allison is just what our company needed to get back on track. She understands the marketplace and gives excellent advice. Highly recommended.
— Christophe Lereverend, Hightail