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FlowSpace: Persuasive Technology for the Airport

Allison V. Leach

flow still

Conceived this interaction design concept with CCA Design student Lisa Woods. Our challenge was to create persuasive technology for an airport environment.

Introducing FlowSpace: an interactive video art booth that makes moving fun while you’re waiting at your gate. It offers a private space for loosening up while creating beautiful art for fellow travelers. Your unique movement designs can also be saved and shared with others via a smartphone application.

Garmin: Navigation Interviews Video

Allison V. Leach

As part of our Design Research class, Janette Song, Bill Rihn, Lisa Woods and I were presented with the task of investigating how people navigate using cues from the natural world.

Acting as the research firm Calicocho with Garmin as our prospective client, we spent the semester conducting in-depth studies on navigation - including behavioral research, conversations with industry experts, field intercept interviews, and qualitative interviews with users of varying GPS technology familiarity.

Here are the video highlights from our interviews.

Urban Farmer App

Allison V. Leach

Co-created this video mockup of an iPhone app called Urban Farmer with fellow CCA Design student Andrew Haskin. It is an application designed to encourage city residents to purchase food without packaging to reduce unnecessary waste. 

Urban Farmer notifies the user of nearby bulk food grocery stores and upcoming farmers' markets. If the user wishes to go a step further, the application provides them with a customized to do list to grow their own urban garden based on their location and available space. Reminders are sent, progress is tracked, and a virtual version of their garden is created to share with others online.